Dignity Health Providing Meaningful Opportunity for CRANE Students


Darrell Parsons, 

Dignity Health, through the leadership of their Talent Acquisition team of Kristie Griffin and Ramina Kiryakous, have launched a program allowing CRANE health care pathway students to learn and volunteer at the Imaging Center of Mercy San Juan Hospital. Students from throughout the CRANE Consortium will be able to work side-by-side with Dignity medical professionals for the benefit of both the students and the hospital.

Marty Khatib, the Director of Imaging Services at Mercy San Juan, has designed a system for CRANE students to assist at the Imaging Center. Once students become knowledgable about the procedures carried out at the center, they will greet patients and explain to them what to expect during their procedures. Dignity officials have learned that patient satisfaction ratings have moved toward 100 percent through the aid of these greeting services. This program will be a benefit to all involved--patients, the hospital, and students. 

Health care pathway students from Oakmont High School, CTE Works from the Placer County Office of Education, Antelope High School and El Dorado High School are initially partnering with Dignity to launch the program. Dignity has made it clear that they will have the need and capacity for further partnerships with high schools around the region in the future. 

Kudos to Dignity Health for seeing the benefit of this program for themselves, their patients, and health care students!